Long Term Care

We’re here for the long run. Our Long Term Care is designed to help your loved one the entire way.

Long Term Care

As cognitive and everyday function decline, your loved one may not be able to look after themselves as safely as they could before in a long term basis. Throughout the progression of Dementia or Alzheimer’s, different levels of care are needed at different stages. Attending to these needs can be overwhelming, especially when done alone. This is why we provide Long Term Care for those living in our residence.

Quality of Life

With so much change happening in your loved one’s life, it’s important to maintain a high quality of life. At our home, we believe when providing elder care service, it’s important to be a steady anchor for those that need it. By focusing on providing Long Term Care for our residents, we’re able to learn and familiarize ourselves with your loved one on an intimate level. This creates trust and a bond that will deepen over time. We’re also able to detect behavioral changes that are out of the ordinary because we’re familiar with their routine.

Living With Us

If you’re looking for a senior home that emphasizes on high quality service and social engagement, we’re the perfect match. We believe in stimulating the mind, which is why we offer various amenities, activities, and events for our residents to enjoy!


Medication observation

Daily meal preparation

Grooming assistance

Mobility assistance

Physical therapy

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Learning New Skills





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Special Events

Holiday Events

Wine Tastings

Nature Walks

Family Night


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Whether your loved one needs Dementia Care or Assisted Care, our Long Term Care is part of the package.

With more than 13 years of experience in helping loved ones transition into their new lives, we’re more than happy to help you too.

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