Continuous Care

With 24-hour care, we’re always making sure accidents don’t happen.

Our 24/7 Continuous Care

When your elderly parent has Dementia or Alzheimer’s, mishaps can happen at any time. So why take the risk? We provide 24/7 continuous care for your loved one, with staff doing their rounds at every hour. With a constant eye on your loved one, we help prevent falls, injuries, and your loved one from getting lost if they ever find themselves wandering.

We Monitor Your Loved One's Dementia Progression

When you’re unfamiliar with Dementia, it’s easy to ignore innocent forgetfulness as something more serious like the development of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in the early stages of Dementia. With over 13 years of experience caring for loved ones with Dementia, we’re able to spot telltale signs of Dementia and Alzheimer’s when it happens. Any behavior out of the ordinary would be recorded to monitor your loved one’s progression. Not only does this better prepare you for how you should interact with your loved one, but it also prevents any behavioral surprises.

Living With Us

Aside from having constant care, living with us is like living at home with all the extra benefits! In our retirement community made for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s, we help our residents maintain a healthy life. From socializing with other elderly folks, having daily meals prepared and medications observed, we have plenty for our residents to enjoy.


Medication observation

Daily meal preparation

Grooming assistance

Mobility assistance

Physical therapy

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Learning New Skills





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Special Events

Holiday Events

Wine Tastings

Nature Walks

Family Night


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Whether your loved one needs Dementia Care or Assisted Care, our Continuous Care is part of the package.

With more than 13 years of experience in helping loved ones transition into their new lives, we’re more than happy to help you too.

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