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Alzheimer’s Memory Care

The different stages of Alzheimer’s require different levels of care. We’ll help you make the transition as seamless as possible.

Our Alzheimer’s Memory Care Unit

When forgetfulness, confusion, personality changes, and others start showing up in your loved one, it can be difficult to process and manage. To provide both you and your loved one a peace of mind throughout this transition, we’ve created a specific care program dedicated to those with Alzheimer’s.

Living With Us

Even with Alzheimer’s, maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t hard with the right care. With us, we include brain-stimulating activities for our residents to help slow down Alzheimer’s.


Medication observation

Daily meal preparation

Grooming assistance

Mobility assistance

Physical therapy

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Learning New Skills





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Special Events

Holiday Events

Wine Tastings

Nature Walks

Family Night


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Alzheimer's Signs & Stages

To help you have a better understanding of better understand our residents’ needs, we have listed down the 5 stages of Alzheimer’s that are closely related to the stages of Dementia. We offer different levels of care depending on your loved ones’ Alzheimer’s progression.

Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease

  • Can be hard to detect
  • Symptoms are not obvious
  • May last for years

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Mild Cognitive Impairment

  • Amnestic MCI – decline in memory.
  • Nonamnestic MCI – decline in thinking skills apart from memory.
  • Is not severe enough to disrupt daily activities.

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Mild Dementia

  • Short term memory loss & getting lost
  • Personality shifts
  • Trouble with cognitive organization
  • Trouble with problem-solving
  • Early Alzheimer’s symptoms may appear

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Moderate Dementia

  • Drastic change in sleeping patterns
  • Everyday assistance in personal tasks
  • Extensive memory loss

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Severe Dementia

  • Drastic change in sleeping patterns
  • Everyday assistance in personal tasks
  • Extensive memory loss

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Whether your loved one needs Assisted Care or our Alzheimer’s Memory Care, our services are specifically catered to meet their needs.

With more than 13 years of experience in helping loved ones transition into their new lives, we’re more than happy to help you too.

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