Assisted Living Activities

At Golden House Assisted Living, we provide more than just the basic necessities. We want your loved one to enjoy their time with us!

Our Assisted Living Activities

Offering an array of fun activities at our assisted living home throughout the week on a daily or weekly basis, your loved one will find plenty of things to do to keep them busy and happy. Our activities are free to join and they don’t require any strenuous effort to participate. We offer both indoor and outdoor activities for our seniors that are dependent on their health and capabilities. There are enough things for all of our older residents to do.

Not to mention, you’re free to join in the fun*! There is no better way to create lasting memories with your loved one than by spending time with them.

Crafts & Activities for Seniors


Painting is a well-loved activity with our Dementia and Alzheimer’s residents. As a form of Art Therapy, painting helps your loved one express themselves through non-verbal means. Painting promotes healing and better mental well-being.


Is your loved one an avid reader? Our library is always open to those that would like to fill their time with books! Filled with an array of choices, from easy and enjoyable books to mind-engaging books, your loved one will find their perfect book to read. Reading is especially beneficial and it encourages brain function. Research has shown that reading every day may actively slow down Dementia progression.

Exercise for Seniors


It’s very beneficial for your loved one to stretch your legs and walk even if just for a few minutes. Our residents can enjoy a leisure stroll through our gardens to get some fresh air!


Your loved one can calm their minds with our guided meditation sessions. Designed to be a completely relaxing experience, the mind will be well stimulated and relaxed. Studies have shown that keeping up a daily practice is beneficial in reducing the symptoms of Dementia.


Does your loved one have a green thumb? Our garden was made with our residents in mind. They can plant flowers, harvest flowers in full bloom, or harvesting our veggies! If your loved one would rather enjoy the sights of mother nature, they’re welcome to spend time in our garden to relax.


Music Time

Who doesn’t love music? Your loved one can groove and sing along with our fellow residents during music time. We play a variety of music–catered to our residents’ preferences of course!

We also host music performances with local musicians and artists on certain days. During this time, instruments will be provided for residents to partake in the music session.


Karaoke is one of the best ways our residents socialize with one another by laughing and dancing around. In our home, everyone is a superstar in our eyes. Without a doubt, karaoke-filled nights are our best nights yet! Our playlist is ever-changing to our residents’ choices.

Our Care Services

Our assisted living activities are available throughout all of our care types, including Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Memory Care, Assisted Care, Continuous Care, and Long Term Care.

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To make our resident’s stay as comfortable as possible, we have various amenities available in our assisted living homes.

  • Safety & Security
  • Therapy
  • Meals
  • Housekeeping
  • Medication
  • Observation

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