About Us

Discover a new assisted living community that feels like home.

Our Mission

Founded in 2007, we have one promise to uphold: high-quality care. We strive to develop a two-way relationship with our residents because trust is built upon bonds.

Our attentive staff ensures the best home assisted care your loved one needs. With a variety of assisted living options, our team caters to what our residents require.

“Live Bright! Live Happy! Always, With Us.”

Our Message

We’re in this together from the start. Our residents are our #1 priority, which is why we create a home environment for everyone.

With our help, adjusting to senior living won’t feel like change at all.

A Message from our Founder

“When I founded Golden House Assisted Living, I did so with one purpose in mind: to provide a safe and compassionate space for elderly folks. It’s not just about creating a business, but rather doing something that means a lot to me. Creating a retirement home for seniors that need assistance was a way for me to help those who can’t help themselves. We’re more than just another facility, we’re a home away from home. I make sure that each member of my staff is equipped with everything they need to be just as passionate about providing the quality of care your loved one needs. There is so much joy working with the elderly, and I can’t imagine doing anything else!”

– Gabriela Pellosmaa

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